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CUBA: Maus-tratos a presos revoltam o mundo!! ARRGHH!! ( Vídeo )

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Omar Kahdr's Interrogation Video From Guantanamo.

Another proud moment in US history
Kahdr held in Concentration Camp for 5 years without charge.

A Canadian citizen born in Toronto, he is the youngest prisoner held in extrajudicial detention by the United States and has been frequently referred to as a child soldier. The only Western citizen remaining in Guantanamo, Khadr is unique in that Canada has refused to seek extradition or repatriation despite the urgings of Amnesty International, UNICEF, the Canadian Bar Association and other prominent organisations.

Khadr is the only Guantanamo detainee who has faced a judge and who is not boycotting the military tribunals, and has spent six years in the Guantanamo Bay detention camps charged with war crimes and providing support to terrorism after allegedly throwing a grenade that killed a US soldier. In February 2008, the Pentagon accidentally released documents that revealed that although Khadr was present during the firefight, there was no other evidence that he had thrown the grenade. In fact, military officials had originally reported that another of the surviving militants had thrown the grenade just before being killed.


Divulgado vídeo de interrogatório em Guantánamo BBC, 15.07.08
Advogados canadenses divulgaram o primeiro vídeo de um interrogatório de um detento na prisão de Guantánamo, em Cuba, que mostra o canadense Omar Khadr, de 16 anos, chorando e dizendo que ninguém se importa com ele.

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